Partners in Rest

Partners in Rest

Geordi and I have been rest buddies for the past few days. He hurt his leg. We don’t know how. It looks like it’s just a sprain and today the vet gave him some doggie ibuprofen and instructions to rest. We even have to carry him up and down stairs for a week! No walks either – he was already bummed today when I made him come in from the sun.

Tonight he hung out in bed with me and we watched Scrubs and I worked on my afghan (keeping Geordi warm in the photo above).

We’ve been resting a lot together this past week. I’ve been extra tired, I’m guessing a combo of anemia and winter. And a cute, cuddly dog to rest with doesn’t exactly motivate me to get off the couch either!

I’ve been working my way through George Bull’s biography of Michelangelo, which is so much more interesting to me since I lived in Florence for awhile.

I’m only about 50 pages (of 400) in and we’ve already covered much of what I knew about Michelangelo before, so I’m excited for what’s next – both in the book and in the Italian cooking it’s inspiring around here. Last night I made arancini (baked not fried). They were good, but I think I can make them better. Stay tuned.

And, just for fun, here are a few favorite photos from my semester in Italy:

Carnevale in Viareggio:

View of the Duomo from my bedroom window (yes, I was that spoiled):

Clock tower in Lucca, I loved the quality of light there:

Florence as seen from behind the flowers in Boboli Gardens:

Looking down the dome of the Duomo on my last day:

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