Training update and Punxsutawney Phil was right

Training update and Punxsutawney Phil was right

My whole body is sore. My legs are sore because I’ve been running, so it’s kind of exciting because I know I’m pushing myself to do all that I can. Yay! My intestines are sore because   they’re full of Crohn’s, so boo to that, but Remicade on Wednesday should calm things down (combined boo and yay to Remicade). But I’m running for Crohn’s research so maybe someday I can feel better AND not take Remicade (or do an extreme diet or take another big, heavy drug).

Training yesterday was fantastic. If you knew me in high school, or college, or grad school, or really anytime other than the summer of 2008 when I lived in Hood River, Oregon, you’re probably a little bit surprised at just how much I’m loving training. I’m not coordinated and I’ve never been a strong runner, but now I’m ready to go! Last week, I found myself pretty frustrated because I had a cold and couldn’t go out to run at all from Sunday – Friday. So Friday night I did a light run around my neighborhood and then Saturday morning did 60 minutes with the team!

Saturday in South Park

I did a run/walk combo with Katelyn and Shawn. I didn’t time how much running I did versus how much walking, but I ran more than last week (considerably more, actually) with very little/no training in between so I’m really pleased with myself. Kevin ran the whole time, once again, impressing me to no end. This morning we cross-trained with a yoga workout because we were pretty sore and wanted to stretch – we found a nice easy video on Youtube and had a blast because we are both hilariously inflexible. I think the Sunday morning yoga giggle-fest might become part of our regular routine as well!

Our fundraising is also going well, my parents got us off to a great start last weekend and my friends more than doubled what they put in over the course of the week! Thanks everyone!

Driving home from training, 9:30 am, Pittsburgh

My stomach left me pre-yoga today, but I thought it was doing better so we gave it a shot and then the stomach went downhill again. I still managed to make it to a Colors and Bottles painting class, which was great fun. I’m looking forward to going again when I’m feeling 100% and having a beer with my painting. I realized I hadn’t painted since my senior year of high school 8 years ago! I’d forgotten how much I enjoy painting. We also took Geordi for a walk because it was 68 degrees and sunny! Spring is here!!!!!

Geordi, spring mud, a rogue patch of snow, and my “comfort shoes” (they make my feet and my brain feel more relaxed)

And now, despite my tummy being miserable and my legs barking, I still want to go on one more walk today. But I’m trying to behave, lay down, and do like Aayla: sit near an open window and just listen. There are birds chirping out there, the occasional car drives by, and a pretty little wind chimes tings in the breeze. A neighbor walks by with his dog and we can hear his license jingle with the wind chime. And Aayla is purring because she knows that spring really got here on Friday and this is just the first of many more beautiful days to come, so going to bed early is a-okay.

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