It didn’t rain on us Saturday!

It didn’t rain on us Saturday!

And that would have been news on Saturday.

This training update is laaaaate.

But love it anyway, okay? Thanks.

Because it was a very special training, the first training in which I got to run with Beth – my fab friend who decided to take on running with me and Kevin.

Great news: Beth and I run about the same pace. We’re pretty pleased. Because we didn’t want to run separately, but we were going to if our paces were not compatible. So far, they are and we like that. And we increased our running time on Saturday. And we got to run from 18th Street in SouthSide along the Monongahela all the way out of the Pittsburgh city limits and into Baldwin.

Here’s some photos:

Hofbrauhaus – is it too early for a beer?



Post-run coffee

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