First reasonably warm North Park training, successful $13/13th fundraiser, and 9.5 miles of awesome

First reasonably warm North Park training, successful $13/13th fundraiser, and 9.5 miles of awesome

Beth visited again last weekend and so it was an epic training and fundraising weekend with the added bonus of a short visit from a mutual friend.

We woke at 6:00 am on Saturday morning, fed Geordi breakfast, ingested some protein and carbs ourselves, and then headed out to North Park.

The park was PACKED with people. Most of them were sitting around the lake with coolers and fishing poles. Yep – it was opening day of trout season.



Beth and I did one loop around the lake, which is about 5 miles. I sped my pace up and did shorter intervals from last week while Beth slowed her pace down and did longer intervals of running versus walking. We were really proud of ourselves and managed to do one interval that was shockingly long for both of us, but we generally kept to a regular, slightly challenging but doable run/walk pace.

And we stopped to take some pictures, too:




Kevin ran two loops, that’s 10 MILES, in just 15 minutes longer than we were running. Here he is looking exhausted (I’m so proud of him!):



Saturday was also the 13th so it was the national Team Challenge fundraiser: donate $13 on the 13th in honor of the 13.1 miles participants will run in ’13!!

Kevin and I raised $121 and Beth raised $130-something. And we all had a few more donations on Sunday the 14th!! Keep the donations coming friends, we’re about halfway to our goal and INCREDIBLY grateful to everyone who has donated.

On Sunday, we decided that we weren’t in a sufficient amount of agony post run (like Kevin after running 10 miles). So we set out on an 8-mile tour, which ended up having an extra 1.5 miles added to it!

We walked from my apartment to True Runner, about a mile, to purchase a water carrying belt for Beth. I bought one after our Pamela’s breakfast on Saturday. (Protein!! Carbs!! Coffee!!) The belts are somewhat awkward, especially at first, but worth it because you can have water the moment you need it or before. Yay hydration!!

From True Runner, we did a walk/run to Schenley Park where we hiked around the hills.





We both acquired epic farmers sunburns because over the winter we apparently forgot about the existence of sunscreen.

Spring is really here!

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