70 minutes is not a long run (anymore)

70 minutes is not a long run (anymore)

So, we’re just two weeks out from the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon!! With the race coming up on June 1, we’re lowering the intensity level of our training to give our bodies time to rest and prepare for the 13.1 miles of rolling hills we’ll cover in Loudon County.

But this doesn’t mean we’re not running, it just means we’re running less and we’re not trying to amp up our speed or increase our distance. So, for our training yesterday Beth and I  did 70 minutes and Kevin did 90 minutes on a relatively flat trail. Kevin took off like a shot (sporting a bright purple beard and mustache for the cause!) and we didn’t see him again until the end of training.

Our training had the usual bumps at the start with my asthma asking for a little help. But after a couple puffs on the ol’ inhaler and five minutes of walking we were back on track.

It was a beautiful day. Since we’re taking it easy, we decided to skip doing strict intervals and just run until we needed to walk and walk until we felt rested. We ended up doing 7 – 9 minutes of running at a time. We decided that we want to do 6 minutes running and 2 minutes walking for the race, but be flexible enough to change the interval in response to our bodies and to allow a few longer walking intervals to give us time to take some pictures of VA wine country and refuel with some runner’s snacks.

At the end of the run, it was so tempting to keep going. We were having a great time! And we weren’t sore or too tired at all. We really weren’t pushing it. But that’s what we need to feel right now because come June 1 we’re really going to be working hard for that 13.1!

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