Cocoon Coffee House, Hawley, PA

Cocoon Coffee House, Hawley, PA

Drinking Coffee in: Hawley, PA

Our last day on Lake Wallenpaupack we woke to rain. It rained much of the night and into the morning. We were pretty bummed as we’d grown rather accustomed to things like campfires, laying in the hammock, and drinking beer in the lake. But, to make the best of things and check out one place we hadn’t made it to yet, we popped over to the town of Hawley to check out the shops in the Silk Mill. The building was once a Silk Mill, but now features upscale shops, office space, a gym, and more.

The highlight of our trip to the Silk Mill was Cocoon Coffee House. My brother had a latte, his girlfriend had a chai latte, and I had a cappuccino. All of them were delicious. My cappuccino was on the dry side, which I prefer, and there were couches for us to lounge on as we waited out the rain. (Not enough coffee houses in Pittsburgh have couches.)

Cocoon also brews coffee from Electric City Roasting Company in Scranton. I grabbed a couple bags of beans to bring home. One of them was called “Blue Moose;” it’s their signature roast and I see why: it’s so easy to drink. Kevin and I are looking forward to trying “Velvet” soon – it’s supposed to be nutty and smooth.

If I ever find myself back in Hawley, I know where I’ll be stopping for coffee!! Cocoon also serves sandwiches and pastries, so it’s also a good spot for a light meal. AND they sell books AND all of the proceeds from book sales go to the Wayne Library Alliance.

Finally, if you haven’t taken a moment to think about the connection between the name Cocoon and the Silk Mill, now is a good moment for it. Go ahead.

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