Stauf’s Coffee Roasters, Colombus, OH

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters, Colombus, OH

Drinking coffee in: Columbus, OH

My friend Beth and I discovered Stauf’s in Columbus’ Grandview neighborhood the day thatwe ran Drenched.*  We saw it before the race when we were heading to Panera for bagels (our ideal pre-race breakfast) and made a beeline for it directly after the race. From the outside, it looked like a large, but unassuming, laid-back cafe. We showed up still wearing our running gear, still damp from the buckets of water we’d been throwing at each other, our shoes no longer sloshing but still heavy with water in the fabric.

As soon as we walked in the door, we knew we were someplace special. Barrels of beans line the retail shop side of the cafe/store and behind the counter there’s a big coffee roaster. It smelled like a dream – a caffeinated, campfire, summer day kind of dream. We eyed all the freshly roasted beans, suddenly in no rush to get back to our friends and the lunch they’d ordered for us, and knew that choosing our drink would take some time. We saw a sign on the shop side for pour over brews. Just the ticket. On the shop side of the roastery, you can have a single cup of any bean brewed for you on the spot. On the cafe side, they have a few coffees of the day and the usual selection of espresso drinks, plus breakfast, lunch, and dessert items.

One of the baristas approached us within just a couple of minutes of entering the store and cheerfully helped us choose the coffee he would brew us. It was obvious that he’d tried most, perhaps all, of the varieties and we took his recommendations: a light roasted Ethiopian coffee for Beth and a Vienna roast Ethiopian coffee for me. We picked up a light roast Ethiopian for Kevin as well (we kind of like him) and headed home. The coffees were too hot to sample until we were in the car, but when we did – hot, earthy, goodness.

With a little research we learned that Stauf’s opened in 1988 (making it almost as old as us). In addition to their original location, there are a bunch of smaller locations called Cup O’ Joe and MoJoe Lounge; many Columbus coffee shops serve Stauf’s. You can also order their coffee online. Locally roasted and easy to get locally and ships to us poor souls who don’t live in Columbus – yep, I’ll take it.

And the ultimate endorsement from Beth (and agreed to by me): If I were a student in Columbus, I would be here all the time.

Plus, nobody judged me for showing up in wet sneakers and looking a little drowned-ratty.

*So this is way overdue, and I’m sorry for keeping this gem of a coffee shop from you for so long. And I’m also sorry that I’m not sharing the cup of Stauf’s Ethiopia Harrar that I’m drinking right now.

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