Guts and Glory 5k

Guts and Glory 5k

Running in Pittsburgh, PA

This is the most fun race that I’ve done this year. It’s a virtual race run by my friend Becky, but since she lives in Pittsburgh, we decided to get together for the race and Beth came out from Cleveland to run, too. It was really great to run with these ladies!! It was the first time that I’ve done a race when it wasn’t so hot and humid that it took a lot of the fun out of race day. And, it benefits one of my favorite charities: Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

I arrived early, so I had some time to hangout and take some photos near our course:

We did a loop with the halfway point at Station Square. It was just the three of us plus runners, walkers, and bikers out enjoying the beautiful morning. We also saw a walk called the Lupus Loop and there was the cutest beagle who had his own walk team. Beth and I were running Guts and Glory and Becky was running the Tutu Race, a virtual race she signed up for to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

It was awesome to be out with Beth and Becky – who showed up in matching gear, except for Becky’s super sparkly silver race skirt. When I got up to catch the bus, it was so chilly that I had on my sweatpants and Fiorentina soccer team sweatshirt and scarf. But by the time we started running it was so warm that I was out there in a my Team Challenge singlet, shorts, and argyle knee socks. It felt like 0% humidity, which was amazing. We picked a flat race course with mixed areas of sun and shade, because we’re smart like that. When we started out, I felt like I could run forever because the weather was just so perfect.

But that doesn’t mean the race wasn’t challenging and exhausting. In the summer heat, my runs have included a lot of walking. With the fab weather and two great running buddies, I ran to the end of my abilities for the first time in months. The medal at the end felt wonderfully deserved.

Check out our medals!!

If you want your own port-a-potty medal, you can still sign up!! 😉

Afterward, Becky went to go be an awesome mom to her kiddos while Beth and I met up with Kevin for breakfast at Piper’s Pub where we discovered that Boxty is an AMAZING post-race meal.

There are more virtual races in my future for sure. They’re so chill, but a fun challenge, too.






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