Half Marathon Training: Cleveland’s Edgewater Park

Half Marathon Training: Cleveland’s Edgewater Park

This weekend, Kevin and  I went up to Cleveland to visit our friend Beth. Since we’re all training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon (just seven weeks away!) and two of us are training for the Team Challenge race in Chicago, our first order of business on Saturday morning was a one-hour run.

It was just above freezing when we reached Edgewater Park around 8:30 am yesterday morning. We were a little apprehensive at first that we hadn’t dressed warmly enough to handle the cold as there was a strong wind blowing across Lake Erie. We started with a short out and back run from the car to warm up. We figured if we weren’t warm enough at the end of 20 minutes, we’d head to a more inland trail to finish out the run, but even before the twenty minutes were up, we were all much warmer and stuck with running along Lake Erie.


I’m so glad we did because it was beautiful. While there’s no snow left on the ground, the lake is still frozen and there are these amazing sections of broken ice chunks all mashed up together in little sharp hills, the result of the icebreaker ships coming through that lake.


There was one big hill and a couple smaller ones, but our route was mostly flat. Supposedly, the area we ran is part of a 17-mile trail, but part of it appears to be closed. It’s not too surprising since we even walked through one muddy section that’s open but still not clear of mud from a recent mudslide.


We passed a group of runners who wished us “top o’ the morning'” because two of us were rocking sparkly, shamrock skirts from Rock City Skirts.

We didn’t keep track of our pace, we just ran as far as we could, with a few walking intervals, and stops for photos, and at the end we felt sufficiently tired and happy, so it’s a win. We went for coffee afterward and then cooked up some boxty.


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