Team Challenge Season Two is Almost Over

Team Challenge Season Two is Almost Over

With just three weeks to go before the Team Challenge race in Chicago, I’m starting to get excited.

This morning, I went on my final training run with my local teammates before the race. We ran in South Park and they pushed me to run without walk breaks for my longest running-only stretch ever: 55 minutes. Usually, I’m very much a run/walker, mixing in one or two minute walk breaks at intervals, but today: I ran the whole way. And it felt good. Slow, but good. I’m thrilled to be breaking through to this level of my running, especially while recovering from a flare and still on prednisone. Running has been one of the most helpful ways to cope with increased anxiety and stress from the steroids, so I’ve been trying to work in plenty of exercise mixed with the rest I need to keep Crohn’s symptoms at bay.

I’m confident that I have this flare under control and that by the time I hit the start line in Chicago I’ll have the prednisone side effects under control too. With a mostly flat course and my health, I’m hoping for a PR. But as always, my goal is to finish the race.

I’m closing in on my fundraising deadline as well. Less than $1,000 to go! Check it out: I’m so grateful for all of the donations made through my page for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Having a flare during Team Challenge season just makes me more determined to help find a cure. The flare has reminded me just how much this disease has, is, and will disrupt my life. And it also reminds me that I’m really lucky – I can still run and I will run. But many with Crohn’s are not this lucky. Many with Crohn’s could not go out for a walk or run today because they’re recovering from surgery, running to the bathroom a dozen times an hour, too worn out from drugs and/or anemia, or in too much pain. If you have the means to help find a cure, I hope you’ll click the link and donate.

Thanks. It’s been quite a season and I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends.

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