May Recap (AKA Why There Were No Posts In May)

May Recap (AKA Why There Were No Posts In May)

I can’t believe it’s June first. We’re already entering the sixth month of the year and I still have trouble with writing “2015.”

The month of May was a (mostly) wonderful and welcome whirlwind after struggling to keep up with work and the blog and mostly giving up on keeping up with my friends while I struggled with a Crohn’s flare throughout the late winter and spring. By the end of April my GI symptoms were starting to lessen but my extra-intestinal symptoms were at an all-time high, especially the inflammation in my hand and wrist joints. I was wearing braces on both hands every day for at least two weeks. I tried a new medication for Crohn’s that nearly sent me to the hospital. And then I decided to crack open my wallet and finally see a naturopathic doctor. Since I saw her at the end of April, things have been better than ever. My GI symptoms are completely gone, I’m recovering from adrenal fatigue most likely caused by the three months I spent on steroids last year, and I’m having pain in one wrist right now but I just got home from a full day at my desk job so I can’t complain about that. I celebrated this new-found health with a ton of fun things.

The first weekend of the month I photographed one of my favorite races – the Pittsburgh Marathon.



I took my Mom to lunch for Mother’s Day and we had these amazing Belgian frites. My husband and I went to the opera then walked around downtown during a Pirates game. I had a couple Sangria Blurry Swirl Margaritas at Mad Mex with my bestie. The first two weeks of May were full of Pittsburgh love.

And then I left the country.

I spent 10 days running around Spain and a handful of surrounding countries with my best friend. It was purely a vacation so the only writing I did was in my journal. I barely even checked my email. I just sent a few iPhone photos home to the family. It was glorious to travel 100% just for fun, no agenda. But don’t worry, I’ve got some Spain content in the pipeline now that I’m home. And a few preview photos for right now.

Dusty tiles at the Real Alcazar de Sevilla.
A parade we ran into outside of our apartment.
La Giralda Bell Tower and that sweet blue sky.

In June, I’m delving deep into the blog including a trip to Milwaukee for the annual BlogHouse next week. I can’t wait! I’m stoked to explore Milwaukee for the first time, meet some bloggers I admire, and work really hard on making this blog the best it can be. I hope you enjoy what’s coming next!

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