Great Lakes Distillery, Milwaukee, WI

Great Lakes Distillery, Milwaukee, WI

It’s always best to go to a distillery the night after a big party. If you do, you might get to try some really amazing leftovers. Like this coconut filled with banana liqueur, pineapple juice, their house maple rum, and of course the milk inside the coconut.


I never would have guessed that I’d be drinking a cocktail out of a coconut to cap my trip to Milwaukee, but I did and it was perfect.

After Bloghouse officially wrapped up, several of us went out to lunch and took a wander around town before stopping in at Great Lakes Distillery, just one mile from Potawatomi, the gorgeous hotel we stayed in. I enjoyed this tasty experience with Megan of Why Wait to See the World and the twins The Two Riveras. We’d intended to go on the distillery tour, but by the time we got there we were kind of exhausted of tours and lectures (despite seeing the best tours ever) and we really just wanted a drink at the bar.

So we sat at the bar, drank coconut cocktails, shared a flight of liquors, and plied the bartender with way too many questions.


The coconuts were just a lucky day on our part as they were leftover from their fifth anniversary party for the first release of Roaring Dan’s Rum the night before. But you can still try the rum on your visit. And I’d definitely recommend it. Roaring Dan’s Rum is special because it is distilled from molasses and then distilled a second time with Wisconsin maple syrup. I love rum and maple syrup, so no-brainer: I love it. I’d have had another rum based cocktail for sure if I hadn’t been getting on a plane shortly after our stop at Great Lakes.


For our tasting flight, we sampled Rehorst Gin, Kinnickinnic Whiskey, and Absinthe Verte. I never quite know what to say about liquor tastings, other than, that was tasty, let’s make a cocktail! And that sums up my thoughts on each of these. Especially the whiskey. I think it’s time to make an Old Fashioned.


Seriously, whether you go to just drink or to take the tour and see how it’s made, you’ve got to stop at Great Lakes. They know what they’re doing, they’re super friendly, and they like to use local ingredients.


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