If You Love Animals, Then You’ll Love This Pet Bakery

If You Love Animals, Then You’ll Love This Pet Bakery

Today, I’m taking a pause from travel writing to write about one special aspect of my home life: my dog Geordi and his awesome veterinarian Dr. Sarah Lavery.


If you’ve ever enjoyed a single photo of Geordi on social media or right here on my blog in the past two years, you have Dr. Sarah Lavery to thank for it. We took Geordi to see her for the first time just a couple of months after we adopted him from the Forever Home Beagle Rescue. He was fully vetted when we got him so we had no need to look for a vet until we got home from work one night and he had a limp. With no idea what happened, we let it play out overnight but when it was worse in the morning we took him to the first vet that had an opening in the area. And that just happened to be Dr. Lavery.

Lucky, lucky us.


She examined his foot and gave him a full check-up, the whole while chatting with us and loving on Geordi. She heard what was then a very mild heart murmur, but she didn’t ignore it. She investigated. Geordi had a tick-borne illness called ehrlichia, which is curable, and early stage heart disease, which is not. Since then, she has managed Geordi’s ever-complicated case along with other veterinarians in her office and cardiology specialists at PVSEC.


Just a couple of weeks ago, she sat with us for well over an hour reading every single one of Geordi’s records and notes trying to figure out how we would manage his heart disease and lung disease with his brand new diagnosis of mild kidney disease. By the time she finished up with us, it was nearly 7 pm on Friday and all she did was speak cheerfully, full of hope for many more years of Geordi’s life, and often apologetic that our appointment was taking so long. In truth, that appointment was everything I could have asked for. I’d been waiting for that more than any other specialist appointment because I knew she’d put in the time and care she always does. Because she’s dedicated.

At one point during that visit, she looked up wistfully and said, “Geordi was one of my first patients when I started here full time.” That was in April 2013, and until Sunday I did not fully know why she was so full of emotion in that moment.

On Sunday, I discovered Dr. Lavery’s Kickstarter page for her labor of love The Pet Bakery of Oakmont.


It was on that Kickstarter page that I learned that roughly two years before we met her, Dr. Lavery was in a debilitating car accident. The full story is located on her Kickstarter page, but I’ll include a few brief notes here as well. According to the page, the accident left her unable to work as a veterinarian so she began baking treats for animals and opened The Pet Bakery of Oakmont. The bakery helped her heal and she was eventually able to return to work as a veterinarian (again, lucky, lucky us), while working the bakery on the side. Unfortunately, the contractor that was to turn Dr. Lavery’s garage into a professional baking space robbed her of over $20,000. The bakery has been in financial trouble ever since.

Dr. Lavery is one of the sweetest, smartest women I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. She deserves to be able to live her dream of working as a veterinarian, running her pet bakery, and then resting so that her concussion can fully heal. She needs $44,000 to make that happen. I know she’ll use the money as promised and keep the bakery open when she meets the Kickstarter goal. If you can help her out, Geordi, my husband, and I, would be so grateful. Dr. Lavery is the best. Please check out her project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1355893230/the-pet-bakery-of-oakmont/description

I hope that sharing just a small part of my experiences with her helps you see how awesome she is and inspires you to read her page, share it, and support the business. I’ve got numerous other stories of how she’s saved Geordi, including half hour or more phone calls to go over his medications and to help me get him to eat when he didn’t want to eat. I could also tell you how she went well above and beyond the call of duty to care for him when we boarded him at the Big Easy Animal Hospital. Everyone there goes above and beyond, I must say). Geordi is lucky to have Dr. Lavery caring for him and I ask once more, on her behalf, please send your support: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1355893230/the-pet-bakery-of-oakmont/description


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