My Barcelona Wish List – 6 Things To Do In Barcelona

My Barcelona Wish List – 6 Things To Do In Barcelona

I’ve visited Barcelona twice and both times I just wanted to see more and stay longer. Parts of each trip were lovely, other parts challenging, but it all added up to a place that I am endlessly fascinated with. In fact, the entire region of Catalunya, of which Barcelona is part, is so rich I could stay there for weeks upon weeks and still have questions. These are six things to do in Barcelona that have me aching to buy a plane ticket back there as soon as possible.

Jamon Experience

If you just walk by it along Las Ramblas, the Jamon Experience looks like one giant tourist trap. And maybe it is. But I don’t care because it also looks fascinating. My friend and I made fun of it from afar every single day of our trip and then, on our final morning, walking back to our Airbnb to get our bags and then go to the airport to catch our flight back to the US, someone handed us a brochure for the Jamon Experience. And, oh, were we sad. It is an interactive exhibit where you learn how jamon is produced while sampling 6 types of jamon paired with cava, wine, or beer. A snack, bevies, and learning? Sign me up.

Sagrada Familia


In May, I spent a bazillion hours at La Sagrada Familia and it still was not enough. It’s simply stunning. Plus, it’s not finished yet. I want to go once it is completed and wouldn’t mind more visits while it’s unfinished either.

El Born

On my last evening in Barcelona, I went to the El Born neighborhood for a final dinner and a first visit to El Born. To say that I regret leaving this neighborhood to the last evening of the trip is an enormous understatement. It felt so comfortable and interesting, but it was late evening and everything was closed except the restaurants. Next time I visit, I want to stay in this neighborhood instead of in the insanity of El Gotic.



I drank a white vermouth and a red vermouth on our last trip. But I still don’t totally understand this drink. I’d like to go on some kind of tour to see how it’s made and learn the traditions behind it. Plus I’d like to drink some more of it.

Partying Like a Local

Nightclubs in Barcelona don’t even open until the middle of the night, the time when many establishments in the US are starting to close. We went to the enormous Razzmatazz club, arrived shortly after it opened, and still didn’t get home until after 3 am. How does this work? I so need to get the schedule down if I ever want to go out in Barcelona again. Also, where do the locals go out? And does everyone repeatedly get offered drugs on the street? The enormous variety of drugs we were offered was out of this world, especially considering we were on the street outside the club for less than 10 minutes.


I had a mind to go to Montserrat on my previous trip, but by the end of the trip a day trip just sounded so exhausting, especially with so much right in Barcelona to explore. But if you’ve got the time and inclination, the dramatic, multi-peak mountain Montserrat is supposed to be gorgeous. The monastery there is also a sight to be seen as is the Museu de Montserrat.

Have you been to Barcelona? What are your favorite things to do in Barcelona? If you’ve never been, do you want to go? What’s on your Barcelona wish list?


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