October 2015 Recap

October 2015 Recap

In October, I spent lots of time in Pittsburgh and took two very different weekend trips: one slow paced and one jam packed with activities. It was wonderful to be home to spend lots of time with my husband, dog, and cat, but I also really enjoyed my two trips because I got to visit friends and family.


Shippensburg, PA

White Plains, NY

Long Island, NY

Pittsburgh, PA


I graduated from physical therapy at the end of October and my back injury is almost healed! It’s well enough that I’ve been able to add exercise back in and finished up the last week of October exercising everyday and trying new workouts with Beachbody On Demand to get back in the swing of things and see what I was capable of doing. I’m definitely still modifying movements, but I can move and that’s a victory.


Discovering Knute’s Pub and Grill in Shippensburg, PA. This bar was a surprise treat in the middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. The beer selection was small, but excellent, and the bar food was superb. I enjoyed a crab cake sandwich on a homemade pretzel bun. Plus, I had a couple of beers, caught up with a couple of friends, and enjoyed watching the Ohio State Buckeyes win the football game with my husband.

Drinking my husband’s homemade beer. My husband Kevin’s first ever batch of beer was ready in early October. His goal was to make beer that tasted like beer, and, oh, he succeeded. That’s for sure. He’s going to try brewing another batch next week and I can’t wait to drink that too!

Dinner at Tre Angelina in White Plains, NY. Tre Angelina specializes in northern Italian dishes like homemade pasta with mushrooms, veal chop, risotto, and pasta Bolognese. My parents took me there when I visited them and I enjoyed the best octopus that I have ever had. The octopus topped Mahi Mahi cooked in a lemon sauce.

Tea At The Garden City Hotel. My future sister-in-law’s bridal shower was a beautiful tea at the Garden City Hotel in Garden City, NY. Her mom organized a wonderful shower that was fun and unique. We enjoyed champagne cocktails, individual pots of loose leaf tea, finger sandwiches, and a plethora of miniature desserts. All before cake!

Harvest Festival in Port Jefferson, NY. Every October the town of Port Jefferson on Long Island puts on a fall Halloween festival that takes over the entire town. Kids, dogs, and adults show up in costume for the Costumed Dog Parade. For $1 donation to the local food pantry, you can go “walking on the ghost tour” with a crazy enthusiastic guide who shares the history of Port Jeff along with the town’s most iconic ghost stories. There’s also a chowder crawl, marshmallow roasting, sand art, live music, and more. Plus the whole town of Port Jeff goes nuts for it, the shops and restaurants are well staffed and have specials of their own for the occasion. As the final part of the festival, we enjoyed pumpkin beers on the porch of the Port Jeff Brewing Company. Delicious.


Other than a rainy, dark drive out to Shippensburg from Pittsburgh, my travels were smooth in October. That was very refreshing after August and September! The challenges were remnants of the summer. Mostly, continuing with physical therapy until my back healed and then choosing to take some time off from my day job to recover my mental health as well. But the challenges are already paying off and I feel much better all the time. Listen to your bodies, friends, they tell you what they need.

Most Popular Post

My most popular post in October had three times more views than the next most popular post on the site! I’ll have to do more of these types of posts in the future. The post is: Real Itineraries: 4 Days in Chicago, in which I break down how I spent 4 days in Chicago for a race with a friend. It details what went well, what could have gone better, what I love and recommend, and what I might do differently next time.

What were your travel or life challenges and highlights in October?

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