7 Dreams For 2016

7 Dreams For 2016

At the start of a new year, I like to take time to dream and imagine all the good things that might happen in the year to come. I’ve done this as long as I can remember. I can recall winter days in front of the woodstove at home studying maps and planning trips with football on in the background and Mom cooking dinner. I planned countless trips. Most of them I haven’t taken, but some I have. It was the dreaming that was important. So here are some of my dreams for 2016. These are just the highlights. My journal is full of even more ideas.

Hike a section of the Appalachian Trail

My husband and I love to hike but we’ve never done any overnight hiking. This idea of hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail has come up many times in the years we’ve been together but this is the year we are finally going to do it. We’re going to cover a 5 – 7 day section. We haven’t selected where yet and we are open to suggestions. We’re planning to go in late summer or early autumn.

We’re also excited because we know this means we need to plan a few 1 or 2 night hikes to prepare. So this trip actually requires several trips! Win.

Walk/Run 2,016 miles with some buddies

In the spirit of even more hiking (plus walking in the city and running), I’m on a team to cover 2,016 miles this year. We’re still firming up the exact number of team members so I don’t know how many miles I need to cover myself yet. But I’ve already been on two adventures around Pittsburgh to get some miles in.

There’s a fantastic support system for doing this challenge through Run The Year 2016 that includes training information for runners, a Facebook group where everyone is sharing inspiring stories, and more. You can join here.

Attend WITS

WITS stands for Women in Travel Summit. I’m going because when I was at Bloghouse last year I received so many recommendations to attend WITS that I simply must do it. I’m excited for all that I’ll learn, the other fantastic women I’ll meet, and visiting southern California for the first time.

Take a train across the United States

I’m planning to take the train home from WITS. I’ve flown across the US many times, but there’s so much of the country I’ve missed by traveling that way. I want to have time to digest all that I’ll learn at WITS free from the distractions of home life while also seeing more of my home country.

Go to TBEX in Manila

This is the year I’m really investing in my travel business so attending highly recommended conferences is a priority for me this year. While I could attend TBEX in Minnesota or Sweden, I really want to go to The Philippines. That’s really the only reason I’m choosing this conference over the others. I get to go somewhere brand new and then after the conference I’ll be sticking around to explore The Philippines.

Finally visit Thailand

And since I’m all the way in The Philippines, it’s time for my first trip to the Asian country I’ve most wanted to see for over a decade. I don’t know exactly what it is about Thailand that calls to me, but it has called loudly for a long time.

Run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon


Back at home, I’m going to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon again. I missed out last year due to illness but I’m back this year, already registered, and need to start training. I’m also fundraising for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America again, one of my favorite charity organizations.

Attend Coach Summit In Nashville

Finally, a trip that is going to require a bit of luck to pull off, but I’m dreaming of it nonetheless. I’m a new Beachbody coach and I love working with them so far. Coach Summit is their major annual conference. Since my business is new I really don’t want to miss it. But since my business is so new I’m also on the waitlist. Here’s hoping I make it off the wait list and get a spot!

What are your dreams for 2016?

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