Orchid Mania At The Cleveland Botanical Garden

Orchid Mania At The Cleveland Botanical Garden

Where’s the perfect place to beat the winter blues? An indoor garden of course! And I did just that on my recent trip to Cleveland. Even though it was sunny and nearly 70 F on the day I visited the Cleveland Botanical Garden, it had been just 12 degrees F two days before so I had plenty of winter blues to cheer up and I reveled in the warmth of the Glasshouse.

The moment you enter the Botanical Garden building you are surrounded by plants. While you wait in line to purchase tickets, you can peek at the huge display of blooms in the entry way. This display is ever-changing with the annual events at the garden like the the winter tradition known as Glow or the gorgeous orchid show.


Orchid Mania is on now through March 6th. Over 1,000 orchid plants and nearly 200 types of orchids are on display for the event. In the entrance hall, the theme is Cuba. Hardy orchids like the watercolor orchids pictured above are hung as “window box” displays on traditional Cuban facades.

In the Glasshouse, orchids add color to the usual displays. First, wander through the spiny desert of Madagascar. The massive Baobab is the perfect background for orchids hung from the spiny trees surrounding it.

Next, continue on to my favorite part, the Costa Rica exhibit filled with butterflies and even more orchids. The flowers flourish here and fit in perfectly. The guaria morada, a gorgeous purple orchid, is the national flower of Costa Rica. My best friend who just got back from Costa Rica was so at home she got homesick for Costa Rica and filled me up with wonderful facts about the country as we wandered through.

There’s also a big, outdoor garden to enjoy, but it’s not quite ready yet.

I suppose I’ll have to go back in the spring?

If you want to bring more green into your home, stop in the Garden Store on your way out. Orchids are for sale during Orchid Mania and one of these made a perfect gift for someone with a far greener thumb than mine.

Thank you to Destination Cleveland for sponsoring my visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden. All opinions, as always, are mine. 

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