3 Months In

3 Months In

I’ve been blogging for nearly six years. My first ever post went live June 30, 2010. This is my third blog.

And yet, in many ways I am only three months into my blogging journey.

For all of these years I have had my blog as a business in my mind. The thought nagged and nagged, but I’d let it go over and over again because, in all honesty, my mid-twenties were a difficult time full of painful lessons. I knew that all I really wanted was to move overseas, to any country where English is not the first language, and learn to live there for 3 months or 6 months or a year and then do the same somewhere else. It was the only dream I had any desire to pursue.

My immune system had a different idea.

Maid of Honor recovering from pneumonia and newly diagnosed with my first auto-immune disorder: asthma.

I did learn a new language of sorts. I learned a whole new vocabulary for how to talk about my body, medicine, hospitals, disease, and health. I did have many new experiences. Some of them were had overseas on the ten-day trips to Europe that my husband and best friend love to take with me so much. But some were had in hospitals and doctors’ offices. In my mid-twenties, I had my first IV, my first taste of roast pigeon, my first blood draw, my first trip to Africa, my first surgery, my first hike on the wild, isolated Aran Islands, my first Remicade infusion. The highs have been really high and the lows have been really low.

In 2015 the difference between the highs and lows was so stark that by September I was a walking disaster. My short term memory was shot. All I wanted to do was sleep, but when I did the hours were filled with nightmares. There was no rest. I took medical leave and ultimately quit my job just days before my 29th birthday. I told my job that I was quitting for my health. I told my family that I was quitting to be a freelance writer. The truth was both, plus wellness coaching. But I didn’t know that at the time. At the time, I felt like a clueless disaster who cried all the time and just felt relieved to have the holiday season coming up so I could chill out with friends and family.

In January, I finally made the decision be a lifestyle entrepreneur. (Nice buzzword, right?)


I am a writer and wellness coach. I work from home. I schedule my time. I am free to travel as I wish. My health is an essential part of my job. Every morning I drink a superfood shake because it’s my job. I workout more days than I don’t because it’s my job. Because who would take a traveling wellness coach seriously if she didn’t?


It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. I’m starting a brand new baby business with poor advance planning. There have been cash flow issues. There have been tears. There have been buckets of sweat during my workouts. There was even blood the other day when I tried to figure out what was wrong with my cat’s foot and she was quite displeased.

But there has also been actual sunshine and roses.

Sunset over Seneca Lake, NY.
Balboa Island, California

The business is growing in so many unexpected ways that it has even outgrown this space. Over the next few months, I will be transitioning to Travel Well With Erin. It will be a blog filled with travel guides in the form of real itineraries, health and wellness tips, and storytelling.

I’ll keep posting here until it’s up and the move a few relevant posts into the new space when it’s ready.

Cheers, readers, and thanks for sticking around.

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