Month In Review: May 2016

Month In Review: May 2016

Destinations Visited

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Saginaw, Michigan

San Antonio, Texas

Austin, Texas

Favorite Destination of the Month

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Yup. That’s right. My favorite destination this month is the city where I live. While I had a great time in Texas and parts of Michigan are really beautiful, neither of those destinations charms me as much as Pittsburgh. Staying put and learning the quirks of this city for the past seven years has been an unexpected joy. In May, I was euphoric crossing the finish line of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I danced my way through Open Streets Pittsburgh. I fell in love with the new ice cream shop Millie’s Homemade. I just had a ton of fun being home.

The Point, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Best Travel Moment

Waiting in line for barbecue and then eating that barbecue with new friends.

The best barbecue in Texas comes with a long line to wait in. I thought this would be a real bummer so my friend and I chose to go to a place that’s very good but not known for having a long wait. We still waited ninety minutes. But the time flew by and we had a blast. We drank local cider and made friends from San Antonio. Everyone was in a great mood, the sun was out, and the gelato truck nearby gave us all free samples. We were actually kind of bummed we didn’t have another day to wait in line at the place with the notoriously long lines. Alas, the next trip! We had so much fun waiting I can barely describe it.

Worst Travel Moment

This would have to be the stupidest flight delay ever followed by an annoying airline passenger. Which means this month’s worst moment was actually pretty innocuous. But I’m going to tell you about it anyway.

Our flight from Austin to Houston was totally uneventful and we were supposed to have a short layover. We did not. We got delayed 15 minutes. And then 15 more minutes. And then 15 more minutes. And then we got to hear the stupid reason we ended up delayed by about three hours. Our plane had arrived the day before and had been penned in by a number of planes in the hangar. All of these planes had to be moved and then our plane could be brought to the gate. It was a total CF. The pilot could not have been more apologetic and he looked about as frustrated as we did. Surely he just wanted to get going and go to bed too.

When the plane finally I arrived I was ridiculously tired and knew I wouldn’t see my bed before 2 a.m. so when the person in front of me had lowered his seat back as far as it goes before I even sat down I was in no mood. I could barely squeeze into my seat, had to have my friend help me get my bag under the seat in front of me, and pretty much just wanted to cry. But since I hate crying in public and I was so tired I just started giggling. Which made Beth giggle. Which made Annoying Guy ask if we were going to laugh all the way to Pittsburgh. Which made me literally bite my tongue before responding. Which set off another round of giggles. I slept through most of the flight in the end but still got to witness this guy be rude to two flight attendants, text during the flight, and stifle his phone when it rang while we were in the air.

Favorite Travel Tool

Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing services are my favorite favorite favorite right now.

We arrived in Austin to discover that Uber and Lyft are no longer available in the city due to major drama between the companies and the city of Austin. We were stuck with the laughably awful taxi services. We waited over an hour for a taxi several times and over three hours one time. We even began requesting taxis in advance, but that only worked about 50% of the time. Our best bet was hotel taxi stands. It sucked.

So I have a renewed gratitude for Uber, Lyft, and ride sharing. These services make traveling without a car so easy. Cities like Austin and Pittsburgh that are shitty taxi towns are made better by ride sharing services, which I’ve found more reliable than any taxi service in the USA outside of NYC.

If you haven’t tried ride sharing yet, you’ve got to. It just might change the way you travel.

Blog and Social Media Growth

Total page views: 228

That’s way lower than I’d like to see, but this is this baby blog’s first month and I haven’t been promoting it much because I’ve been wanting to populate it with more content first so I really can’t complain! Thanks to those of you who are reading this blog from the very beginning.

Instagram: 653 followers

Snapchat score: 342

Most Popular Instagram Photo


Seagull looks out at the ocean, Hermosa Beach

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