Month In Review: July 2016

Month In Review: July 2016

Destinations Visited

Pittsburgh, PA

Nashville, TN

Miles Traveled Map


Favorite Destination of the Month

Nashville! Music City is so much fun. I spent ten days there. Half of it I was on vacation hanging out with my husband. Half of it I was working my booty off at Coach Summit.

Kevin and I did all the country music nerd things: live music on Lower Broadway, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Grand Ole Opry. At the Opry we got to see the Charlie Daniels Band! Charlie Daniels made it look like “Devil Went Down To Georgia” is the easiest song in the world to play. He’s a real talent. We also explored the Opryland Resort, drank craft beer, walked miles in the heat, visited the Parthenon, and saw the new Star Trek movie.

Sweating and sweating at the Parthenon in Centennial Park.


The indoor balconies overlooking the botanical gardens at Opryland.

At Coach Summit, I was with my team around the clock learning about how to be a better coach, getting to know my team in person for the first time, and working out. Here are two photos of us. In one we are soaked through with sweat from our Super Workout on Saturday morning. In the other, we are looking fancy for the end of Summit celebration and we are with our upline coach who is one of the top coaches in the company.



Best Travel Moment

There are two of these this month. I couldn’t pick. Just go with it.

#1: Working out live with Chalene Johnson.

Chalene is tied for my favorite Beachbody trainer with Shaun T. The two of them are such positive forces. Getting to do PiYo live led by Chalene was incredible. I love PiYo because it’s Pilates and Yoga that MOVES. Seriously, you never hold a pose for very long. It’s stretching, strengthening, and cardio. Doing this workout in a room full of other coaches was so motivating. I worked out harder than I had all month. Afterward, I was on one of the best exercise high’s of my life. It was equivalent to after a half marathon or after my first Pure Barre class.


#2: A day with Kevin at Nashville Shores water park.

We felt like kids the entire day. We rode all the water slides, including the Big Scream, which was terrifying and aptly named. We spent a ton of time in the wave pool and the lazy river. We soaked up all the sun and both got a bit burnt but our burns have turned into awesome tans. It was one of those days you just didn’t want to end.


Worst Travel Moment

None. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. No, I wasn’t happy every single moment. But after the worst moment last month, there’s nothing this month that compares. No travel “disaster” could even come close to the awfulness of losing Geordi. Being home without him was the worst.


Favorite Travel Tool

Airbnb. We stayed at a fantastic Airbnb in Music Row for the vacation portion of my trip. My husband and I had our own bedroom in a shared house. The bedroom was perfectly cleaned and the bed was so comfortable we went to bed early and slept in every single day.

For my last night in Nashville, I stayed at Music City Hostel. I booked with the hostel directly, but they also have specific spaces you can only book through Airbnb. Since the hostel was full, I got to stay in one of the Airbnb spaces anyway and it was so nice.

Social Media Growth

Instagram followers: 591

Snapchat score: 1,226

Average views per snap: 30

Holding steady across the board. Time to put in more work to grow.

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