Healthy Travelers: Meet Valerie Wilson, Trusted Travel Girl

Healthy Travelers: Meet Valerie Wilson, Trusted Travel Girl

In the Healthy Travelers series we meet travelers who love to keep a focus on health and wellness both at home and on the road. Today we’re getting to know Valerie Wilson of Trusted Travel Girl!

Occupation/job/thing you do that makes money: Travel Journalist

Thing you wish you could do to make money: Travel Show Host (like Anthony Bourdain)

What is your favorite workout to do?

I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I recently went back to class for the first time in 10 years, that was really fun. I like classes, I’m poorly motivated on my own so anything that’s a class where there is someone to get me excited about it. But mainly, my exercise consists of whatever sport I’m doing usually while traveling. I love to ski and surf!

Do you do this workout while traveling? If you do, what extra challenges do you face from travel and how do you overcome them? If not, what do you do?

I feel like if I’m working out while traveling, I’m wasting my time. I’m not the sit by the pool kind of traveler. I am up and out the door the second I wake up.

What’s your favorite way to exercise while traveling?

Outdoor activities that help me see the place I’m visiting. Hiking, surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, skiing… If it’s a city, I prefer to walk rather than get a cab!

What’s your favorite thing to eat on an airplane and why?

I always bring kale chips but they are messy as heck! When on a long haul I always order vegetarian because it’s healthier and more fresh! I don’t travel without healthy granola bars & Justin’s peanut butter packets, and giant bottles of water!

What’s your number one tip for staying healthy on the road?

Being diligent when you are home. What you do at home is more important. I drink green smoothies most days for breakfast and try to stay vegetarian/gluten free, so when I travel I can try everything I want. The biggest key while traveling is moderation. Everything in moderation.

What destination has been easiest for you in terms of keeping on track with health and wellness? Why?

Probably the Philippines because I ate a ton of fresh fruit and fresh fish.

Which destination has been most challenging to you in terms of health and wellness? Why?

Italy! The eating and drinking is the reason to go, so it makes it difficult to stay on track. But, I think Italy is worth temporarily derailing healthy habits.

Where can people connect with you online about wellness and/or travel?

Instagram: @TrustedTravelGirl
SnapChat: TrustTravelGirl

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