Month In Review: August 2016

Month In Review: August 2016

August was for time at home. I’ve been chilling out and working, loving my apartment and my pets. Yes, it’s pets plural again! Meet the latest member of the family – Gimli!


He’s a one year old Scottie mix. He’s a lovable ball of energy. It took us a few weeks to figure each other out, but we’re doing well now. We begin obedience school in September. We love going to the dog park.


Destinations Visited

Nashville, TN

Pittsburgh, PA

Miles Traveled Map


Favorite Destination of the Month

Nashville. I loved my last day there on August first. While I was more than ready to get home, I lived it up that last day. I stayed at the Music City Hostel, which is one of the cleanest, friendliest hostels I’ve ever stayed in. Plus,  I finally ate hot chicken at Hattie B’s.

Best Travel Moment

Feeding Lorikeets at the National Aviary.


Beth and I visited the National Aviary to meet Valentino the baby sloth this month. He was so cute. He loves to eat!

We liked the birds best at the Aviary though. Especially feeding the Lorikeets. They’re a small species of parrot who eat soft fruits and nectar.  (Travel tip: Carry cash, the Lorikeet food was cash only!)

Worst Travel Moment

Getting spontaneously laid off by a major writing client during a month I’d set aside specifically for working and staying home. It was a huge bummer and I had to rethink my upcoming travel plans significantly. But I’m really excited about the work I did instead, the new opportunities I’ve interviewed for and a HUGE amount of new content coming to this blog for the month of September.

Favorite Travel Tool

The Webjet app. I’d never used it before, but now I really like it. It’s easy to search flights and hotels from my phone, which is great because I often have a travel idea when I’m out and about and the first thing I do when I have a new idea is price flights. Webjet saves recent searches so I can review them later, too. There’s also a flight tracker in the app so when I’m trying to keep track of someone else’s flight, I can do it easily and on my phone. Win.

Social Media Growth

Pinterest followers: 754

Pinterest is my focus right now and this number has doubled from last month!

Instagram followers: 570

Snapchat score: 1,323

Average views per snap: 30

 Blog Posts I Loved

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