My 8 Favorite Ways To Exercise While Traveling

My 8 Favorite Ways To Exercise While Traveling

I love to exercise while traveling and at home, however, the way I exercise looks totally different whether I’m home or traveling.

When I’m home, I usually have a short, challenging workout that I do twice per day on weekdays plus I spend about two hours per day walking my Scottie mix Gimli.

Gimli doesn’t travel with me (yet…) and I don’t like starting a vacation day with a hardcore workout because I want to reserve my energy for walking all day long. As much as I love T25, you won’t find me doing tuck jumps in the rain forest.

You will find me doing any of these 10 forms of exercise while traveling.

5K, 10K or half marathon

I’ve taken several trips just to run a race and built whole vacations around the race destination. The best one was running a half marathon in Chicago and exploring the city for the first time. There are thousands of races all over the world that you could sign up for.

Races on my bucket list include:

Athens Marathon, Greece

Half Marathon Firenze, Italy

Venice Moonlight 10K, Italy

Dead Sea Marathon, Jordan


If you travel with me, you better bring fantastic walking shoes. I love to walk. If you don’t like to walk, we probably shouldn’t travel together. Ever. For any reason.

Some of my best travel memories are from things discovered on random long walks. I was just chatting with my good friend Tess about our trip to Copenhagen in the winter and how many miles we walked until we were frozen to the core and how wonderful it was to do just that.


Free outdoor yoga sessions

With all the walking you’ll be doing on your trip, some stretching will feel really welcome, I can promise you that. My hip flexors get so tight after miles and miles of on foot sightseeing. Yoga really helps open that up. Plus, you might get to meet some locals and spend time in a really fun spot. In Pittsburgh, there’s yoga every Sunday all summer long in Market Square.


My brother and I once hiked from Hood River, Oregon to Mosier, Oregon and back just because we could. It was so much fun to leave and enter towns on foot and see the sights along the way. If you’re open to hiking, you never know what you might encounter. Here are a few photos from some of my favorite hikes.

My brother and I hiking between Hood River and Mosier, 2008.
Hiking the Chester Challenge with my brother and my husband, 2016
At the top of Prospect Mountain for my bachelorette weekend, 2014


Hashing is running and a party all mixed up into one fabulous, strange thing. Basically, you follow chalk marks on the ground that lead you along a trail. There are several party stops along the way and at the end. It’s the perfect thing to do with a group of friends who want to explore new places, meet new people, and have some drinks. We did our first hash on St. Patrick’s Day and it’s pretty much the ideal holiday for it.


Online dance workouts

If you’ve just got to do a workout in your hotel room, then I’d dance it out. I have been know to Cize it up a time or two while traveling. You don’t need any equipment, just a little bit of space. I stream all my dance workouts on Beachbody On Demand. If I have WiFi I have thousands of workouts to choose from (many that aren’t dance workouts, too). In case I don’t have WiFi, I keep a few dance workouts downloaded to my phone. You can save up to seven workouts at a time, that’s more than I’d ever need on vacation!


Since I live in a northern city, I don’t get many opportunities to swim. But when I do, I swim as much as I can! Hotel pools, lakes, oceans, you name it. You don’t have to do laps or exercises to feel like you’ve had a workout. Just get in and have fun. It’s the best part of traveling somewhere warm, right?

Treetop adventure courses

Climb high into the tree canopy and then zip or slide back to the forest floor over and over again. Strap into a safety harness before heading up the ladder to tackle rope bridges, wooden swings, and exhilarating jumps. There are courses located all over the world at very degrees of difficulty. Just make sure you always have your harness on properly. Be safe and have fun!


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