5 Cat Cafes To Visit In The USA

5 Cat Cafes To Visit In The USA

5 Cat Cafes To Visit In The USA

A perfect afternoon can be as simple as cats, coffee, and pastries at any of these locations.

Blue Cat Cafe, Austin, TX

The first cat cafe I ever visited will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s a vegan cafe that serves lunch and coffee. It’s super chill. You can usually get in without a reservation and there’s no time limit on your stay with the cats. Most of the cats are adoptable and come from the Austin Humane Society.


Meow Parlour, New York, NY

Reservations aren’t required but are highly recommended for NYC’s first (and very popular) cat cafe. Book from 30 minutes to five hours to play in the cat room. For snacks, there’s a patisserie around the corner that makes cat-shaped cookies, macarons, and coffee.


Denver Cat Cafe, Denver, CO

Forget arts and crafts. At the Denver Cat Cafe it’s arts and CATS! In addition to time with adoptable kitties you can book painting classes in the cat room or come in and paint in their open painting studio. Not a painter? That’s cool. You can visit the cats anytime. They’re walk-in only, so no reservations.

Colony Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA

In Pittsburgh, we do cat cafes right. Our cat cafe is also a wine bar. Yes! Cats, coffee, and wine? Pretty much a dream come true in my book. I haven’t been yet because it’s new and very popular. Reservations are highly recommended. I’m looking forward to trying the¬†Henrietta Pussycat cocktail named for the cat in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Crumbs and Whiskers, Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA

The concept of Crumbs and Whiskers is simple: coffee and cats. If you like coffee and cats (who doesn’t?!), then you’ve got to go to one of these locations. The DC cafe is already open and accepting guests to visit the cats 6 days a week. The LA location celebrates its pre-opening starting on the 15th of this month.




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