Photoshoot With The Cats In Orvieto, Italy

Photoshoot With The Cats In Orvieto, Italy

As much as I adore planning a trip, it is often the unplanned moments that are the best. In Orvieto, we had a grand old time petting the friendly cats that live all over the town. We encountered them first on our way to walk the Rupe that rings the town. We visited them again and again after that during our three days in Orvieto.


I’m not sure who cares for these cats. They are mostly well-groomed and all well-fed. They are very friendly and will let you pet them. Many of them will walk up to you and ask to be petted.



This one crawled right into my lap. He seemed like he had everything he needed except for enough cuddles.




Pet these adorable fur babies at your own risk, of course. Random cats are adorable, but who knows what diseases, fleas, mites, etc., they might have. We had no trouble with these guys attitude-wise. I was little bit itchy afterward but I’m slightly allergic to cats so it might have been just that. Worth it.


I did some searching to see if I could find out more about these cats, but I couldn’t find much other than photos. Do you know who cares for these cats? Are they just strays? Share with us in the comments below if you know about them! I’d love to update this post with more information if I ever come across it. For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photographs.


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