Month In Review: September 2016

Month In Review: September 2016

The last weeks of summer and first weeks of autumn are always some of my favorite of the year. Warm days and cool nights tend to have a calming effect on me yet also inspire me to try new things with my work. There were a few moments of calm and I certainly did more writing on this blog in September than I have in a long time, but this September was also utterly exhausting. I’m thrilled to welcome October. I’m excited to watch the leaves change and I hope I get a bit more sleep this month than I did last month.

Destinations Visited

Troy, OH

Cleveland, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

New York, NY

Miles Traveled Map


Favorite Destination of the Month

New York City. No doubt about it. I’ve loved it forever. There’s always something to do and there’s an adventure around every corner if you’re willing to go after it.


Best Travel Moment

Touring Google NYC with my brother on Google’s 18th birthday.

My brother, Ryan, works at Google and every trip he treats me to breakfast and coffee with him at work. He always shows me some fun new Google thing too. It’s always really fun.


This time, my friend Beth was with me for her first trip to Google so we did the full tour led by Ryan who is always full of fun facts. There’s one of the best views in New York from the Google office in Chelsea.


Worst Travel Moment

Using the bathroom in our room in the Pod 39 Hotel.

To be clear, we did like this hotel. It just had one giant flaw.

The bathroom door was a sliding door that was only partially frosted. You could hear and see everything happening in the bathroom. Yes, even on the toilet. As a result we primarily used the communal restrooms on the roof terrace because bathroom privacy is a big deal. Pod 39, if you put real doors on the bathrooms in your tiny rooms I’ll love your hotel forever. Until then, I can’t in good conscience recommend it. I’m shuddering just thinking about the bathroom there.

Favorite Travel Tool

The Via carpool app.  We used this app to get around in New York. It costs $5 to get just about anywhere in NY in a carpool. The app works much like Uber, but you know how much you’ll spend and the car makes stops to let others on and off along the route. It was much cheaper than taking yellow cabs, Uber or Lyft.

If you have more than one person, it’s only $3 for the second passenger. For two people, it only costs a tiny bit more than taking the Subway but it’s worth it for the convenience.

If you want to try the app yourself, download it here.

Social Media and Blog Growth

Pinterest followers: 829

Instagram followers: 551

Monthly blog views: 6,956

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