Pod 39 Hotel: So Much Good and So Much Awkward

Pod 39 Hotel: So Much Good and So Much Awkward

If you’re looking for a good value, safe, clean hotel in Midtown, book a room at Pod 39.

If you’re looking for a hotel room with a private bathroom and locking bathroom door, run screaming in the other direction from Pod 39.

I have so many mixed feelings about the Pod 39 Hotel.

I truly enjoyed staying there. My bed was really comfy. The bunk beds were fun. Beth and I each had our in TV in our own bunk.


We felt very safe. Once, I accidentally left the door slightly open and the housekeeper popped in to make sure we were okay. It was very nice.

The rooftop bar was so cool. Just check out this view behind us.


The drinks were expensive up there, but delicious. My brother says that on a New York rooftop you have to pay for the view so I suppose I shouldn’t complain about the $75 pitcher of margaritas?

The bathrooms on the rooftop were very nice and very private.

But the bathroom in our room was damn near a deal breaker. I think it would be a deal breaker for most of you.


We put the sliding, frosted glass door to the test during our four night stay because we caught a stomach virus that included much diarrhea. The really, really bad almost uncontrollable kind. Between us, we have very little shame. I have Crohn’s and Beth is a PA in colorectal surgery. We’ve seen all that butts can do. But even we ran up to the roof many times to use the toilets. It’s an ugly situation.

In the end, I think I’d cheerfully stay at Pod 39 when traveling solo, but if I’m traveling with someone else I’ll stay elsewhere. The bathroom is just unacceptable. I understand that the idea is to make the tiny rooms look bigger, but it’s not worth it. I’m cool with the small room. It’s cheap and in Midtown Manhattan, I expect small. But I also expect a bathroom door.

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