Month in Review: January 2017

Month in Review: January 2017

Destinations Visited

Pittsburgh, PA

New York, NY

Miles Traveled Map


NYC and back once this month. It was good to have a quieter month travel-wise since there’s been so much going on in my personal life.

Favorite Destination of the Month

New York City! Because I often visit New York while staying in Westchester or on Long Island I’d totally forgotten how much fun it can be just to be in NYC for all 24 hours of the day. There are so many strange and wonderful things to discover in New York that are much easier to find on a short trip if you are in the city the whole time.


Best Travel Moments

Drinking spiked hot chocolate in a rooftop igloo in Manhattan with three of my best friends in the world: Beth, Scott, and Janeen. We got bathrobes to wear in the igloo. They were so cozy and it was hilarious to be at a bar with everyone in their going out clothes covered in robes.


The “fireplace” in our igloo.
Janeen, me, Beth, and Scott in an igloo.

An absolutely bizarre dinner at Jekyll and Hyde. I’m not sure whether I’d recommend this place, but we had a good time. It’s overpriced for the mediocre food and service. But the actors who come around to each table are hilarious and the audience participation element was fun. But from the street it’s not clear that you’re entering anything more than a bar. Once you get inside it becomes clear that the place is really bizarre and filled with roving performers. If that’s not your thing, avoid this place. We laughed a lot, and that’s important.


Shopping at Alphabet City. City of Asylum’s literary center Alphabet City finally opened! It’s been a project many years in the making and I’ve followed it closely for years. It was surreal and wonderful to finally stand in this inclusive space for free speech.


Worst Travel Moments

When your lifestyle is based around travel, sometimes you are not in the place where you can be most helpful to family and friends in a time of crisis. I experienced this twice this month. Whenever it happens, it hurts very much.

Favorite Travel Tool

I love my Hilton Honors membership. I prefer to stay in independent hotels or in Airbnbs, but sometimes a chain hotel is the best choice. Last year I decided to join Hilton Honors and see how it worked out for me. I only used it a few nights last year, so I don’t have many loyalty points. But the rates for Honors members are generally less than the standard rate and include free internet. We also got a welcome package at the DoubleTree with bottles of water and animal crackers at check-in in addition to the signature Doubletree warm cookie! I also really like the Hilton brand. The hotels are beautiful and you can find them all over the world.

Favorite New Food

Spicy pork and pate Banh Mi from the Grilled Chicken House. I’ve had Banh Mi before, but this one was amazing. You could tell that the restaurant took care with each part of the sandwich from the bread to the carrots.

Fitness Accomplishments

Kevin and I started marathon training. We struggled with injuries and illnesses all month. But we’ve begun. We’re doing it in combination with a Pilates and yoga workout that I also coach; that workout has been particularly helpful in the struggle to mend and prevent injuries.

Blog Posts I Loved

With the Inauguration of President Trump, the blog posts in this section are a bit more serious than usual. I haven’t been able to put my thoughts in written form yet, but these bloggers have done a good job of starting the conversation.

Why Travel Makes Us Better Citizens

For the Love of God, Don’t Sew a Canadian Flag on Your Backpack

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