Month in Review: February 2017

Month in Review: February 2017

Destinations Visited

Pittsburgh, PA

Troy, OH

Greater New York Area, NY

Clarion, PA

Clearfield, PA

Miles Traveled Map


Favorite Destination of the Month

Clearfield, PA. Of all my trips this month, this was the only one that was actually fun! Clearfield is a small town, but surprisingly fun. Look for more coverage on Clearfield coming in March.

Best Travel Moments

Breakfast at the Victorian Loft B&BThe owner of the Victorian Loft, Peggy, makes a hearty, homemade breakfast for her guests each morning. She sources everything she can locally, including the incredible bacon we had on Saturday alongside her pecan pancakes. She also likes to join guests for breakfast, which provided us a wonderful way to learn about the Clearfield area and get recommendations for things to do during our trip.


Wine tasting at Starr Hill Winery. Since it rained or snowed for the entirety of our weekend in Clearfield, we needed indoor activities. The first, and one of the highlights, was wine tasting at Starr Hill. They specialize in fruit wines and uniquely flavored wines like Margarita Madness and raspberry with white chocolate. They really have fun with flavors and Kevin and I had fun tasting.


Worst Travel Moments

When you write about your life publicly, you know that there are places you will draw a line for privacy reasons. And this month, I’m doing that in this space. All of my worst travel moments and worst life moments are intensely personal and private. If you know me personally, you know these moments. If you don’t, you don’t need to know them. Writers, remember that you don’t have to share everything, it’s best if you don’t.

Favorite Travel Tool

Real human beings! With all the technology in the world, it’s easy to forget that the best travel planning and travel experiences start with real humans. This month, our hostess at the Victorian Loft B&B, Peggy, reminded us just how important it can be to skip the apps and get back to talking to real people. She was incredibly accommodating when we changed our reservations at the last minute (see Worst Travel Moments) and was just so incredibly sweet during our entire stay at her place. If you ever decide to visit Clearfield, please stay with Peggy and book directly with her via her site PA Wilds Vacation Rentals. Wherever you stay, remember that the best experiences come from the small bed and breakfasts, hotels, and Airbnbs and that the money you spend there goes directly back into the local economy.

Favorite New Food

Does wine count as a food? It does this month. My favorite wine that we tasted on our trip to Clearfield is Bee Berry Black from Bee Kind Winery. It’s a blackberry wine sweetened with honey. It’s similar to mead. Kevin and I are excited to open up the bottle we brought home and enjoy it again!

Fitness Accomplishments

Ummm….yeah. See Worst Travel Moments and understand that I completely fell out of every single routine I’ve developed for myself over the years. Life happened in a big way. March will be different. The last bit of February has already been different, so my biggest accomplishment is getting back to working out.

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How was February for you? Share a story in the comments! 

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