The Cutest B&B in Naples, Italy: B&B Dimora dei Giganti

The Cutest B&B in Naples, Italy: B&B Dimora dei Giganti

Napoli is loud. It’s the loudest city I’ve ever been to in Europe. In some areas, the streets are so narrow that you best keep your elbows tucked in tight so you don’t get clipped by a scooter. It’s enthusiastic and vibrant. It’s wonderful. It’s overwhelming.

That’s why you need to stay someplace quiet, especially if you tend to be an introvert, a light sleeper, or get overwhelmed in a crowd.

B&B Dimora dei Giganti is a gorgeous, peaceful respite from busy Napoli just steps from the thick of the action.

Shrine in vicoletto Giganti.

You enter the B&B from a tiny square at vicoletto Giganti and climb many, many stairs. That’s the trick of how you can find such peace in this place: it’s on the fifth floor in an out of the way piazzetta.

African-themed room at B&B Dimora de Giganti. (Photo credit: Bethany Bandi)

There are only four bedrooms, each with a different theme. My crew of three stayed in Giganti Africani. The theme was cute, but what made the room wonderful were the comfortable beds and the wall air conditioner.

In addition to your room, you have access to a common living room, kitchen, and terrace. We didn’t make much use of the living room, but it is quite beautiful and there’s a shelf full of travel books in English that came in handy.

Formal living room at the B&B.

We did make daily use of both the kitchen and the terrace. The owners leave everything you need to cook your own breakfast in the morning: eggs, toast, homemade jams and marmalade, cereal, cookies, juice, and coffee. Each morning, I made scrambled eggs and coffee for our group and it was one of the simplest pleasures of the trip.




Photo credit: Bethany Bandi

We also made daily use of the terrace in the evening. Cooking isn’t permitted in the evening, but you’re always welcome to keep drinks in the refrigerator and use the dishes.


Since we found Napoli delightful but overwhelming, we didn’t go out much in the evenings. Instead of drinking wine in a bar or walking to see the sights at night as we had in Florence and Orvieto, we drank wine on the terrace at the B&B and wrote in our journals about all the strange things we discovered each day.

More than one night, we didn’t even go out for dinner. B&B Dimora dei Giganti is less than a five-minute walk from Pizzeria Di Matteo. It’s one of the best in town and they offer take-out. Get one pizza per person and arancini to share. Don’t forget to pick up some wine from the shop nearby. Try the unlabeled sparkling white and any reds you might be recommended at the store. This is the recipe for a perfect evening in that will refresh you for another day of sightseeing.


Pizza and arancini fro Pizzeria Di Matteo

If I ever return to Napoli, I will stay at B&B Dimora dei Giganti or one of their sister properties again.

Stay at the B&B

Dimora dei Giganti
Vico Giganti 55 – Napoli
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